Work-at-home Job. No Investment.

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Work-at-home Job. No Investment.

Great News for serious homeworkers who are interested in a home business, that can bring in an excellent income with very little work or time involved. You can start it right now if you’re really serious. You have a computer and that’s all you need. You can put this simple process to work in minutes and the small effort you put in today can bring you an income for months or even years without any additional effort on your part.

When the Internet came along, I closed my street level offices in favor of an Internet business. It took months of searching until I came across something that could bring in enough income for a good living, without risking a large investment in time or money. I stumbled across an opportunity in “affiliate marketing”. It was so simple that I never believed it would bring in enough money to make it worthwhile. After giving it a try, I couldn’t believe I had spent so many years operating my shops when I could earn even more money working only an hour each day, two or three times a week.

When you become an “affiliate” its like being a representative for as many companies as you want,  but you don’t have to take orders or do any selling. You never have to ship products or deal with customer issues. In fact, you never have to meet or deal with anyone. You can work anytime you want. Simply refer people with special interests, to companies that can be of help to them, through a process called “article marketing”, and it costs you absolutely nothing. Affiliates often receive up to 75% of the selling price of the service or product they represent. The process involves writing a short informative article related to the product you want to represent, submit the article to an article directory, then your work is done. After a few minutes, you’ll learn the simple writing and submission process, then its just a matter of expanding on it to earn profits from any number of sources.

Thousands of companies offer affiliate programs so you can select almost any product or company you want to represent. You can join as many different affiliate programs as you want and create multiple sources of affiliate income in less than an hour. Affiliate marketing is an extremely easy way to make a living, especially for people who don’t know much about earning money online, or people who want to work at home. After three or four days, you could be earning money from as many sources a
s you choose and you’ll never get tired receiving checks in the mail as a result of your efforts.

To get started, find a product you are personally interested in or a product that’s very popular at the time. Visit sites offering the product and locate their “affiliate” link. A click on that link will give you all the information you need and probably some help with your referral program.

When you register for an affiliate program, you’re given a special affiliate link that goes to the website of the product owner. This special link is encoded with your unique affiliate id. You will use this link when you write about the product you represent. When one of your readers clicks on your special link, the company will know exactly who sent the visitor. If the person you send makes a purchase, you receive a commission.

All you need is one short article to get started. The article costs you nothing. Just read the product owners sales page for a few ideas and check other internet sources for similar information. This should only take you a few minutes. When the article is finished, you can submit that article to dozens, or even hundreds, of article directories. Again, there is no cost. When you place an article on the internet, it’s there forever, so think of the possibilities over the coming days, months and even years.

When you’re submitting your article to article directories, there’s a resource box at the bottom of an article page, that box allows you put a link to your website, or the website of the product you’re promoting. Readers of your article that are interested, can use that link (your affiliate link) to get more information. The prospect may find the product is exactly they need, and make a purchase.

Working as an “affiliate” is always interesting and you never have to own a website or deal with customers support, complaints, or refunds. If you’re really serious and your only problem is learning how to do it, don’t worry. Click on our resource link and you can watch two videos covering everything you need to know, including article creation and article submission. You will be amazed when you see how easy it is.

By: Richard Charles

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